Country Osaka, Japan
Venue 2-7-9 Nishi-Shinsaibashi Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka prefecture 542-0086 7F
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Our Chief Chef used to serve as the chef for the famous restaurant in China and Japan. The restaurant is an orthodox Chinese restaurant where he offers a variety of dishes. It also offers buffet

Xiaolongbao and other dim sum dishes are hand-made, and Hakurinen's signature "kiln roast pork" can be enjoyed in buffet. There are 80 or more menus to eat! There are also 40 or more choices of food for lunch buffet. In 2 hours, you can enjoy a wide range of dishes!

Business Hours
11:00 to 15:00 (last order 14:30)
17:00 to 24:00 (last order 23:00)

Lunch is available, Can enter store even after 10pm, open on Sundays

■Food ■
1. Normal Buffet
Food and drinks unlimited (soft drinks only)
86 choices of dish

2. Deluxe Buffet
Unlimited food and beverages (60 beverages including draft beer)
86 choices of dish

3. Hong Kong Dim Sum Buffet
(soft drinks only) 47 choices of dish

4. Set Menu with unlimited drinks (2 hours)
■ Appetizer (6 kinds of platter)
■ Beijing duck
■ Crab and shrimp soup
■ Fried seafood and mushrooms
■ Hot soup and Cantonese dim sum (3 kinds of platter)
■ Authentic Sichuan Mapo tofu
■ fried rice
■ dessert

5. Joy Package / Unlimited drinks for 2 hours
■ Roast pork and 7 kinds of appetizers
■ Beijing duck
■ Shark fin
■ Prawn chili sauce
■ 3 kinds of fried dishes
■ Fried wagyu and Mushrooms
■ XO sauce fried rice
■ dessert

6. Hakurinen Package / Unlimited drinks for 2 hours
■ 7 kinds of appetizers including abolone
■ Guangdong duck
■ Shanghai Crab and Shark Fin Soup
■ 3 kinds of fried dishes
■ Teppanyaki Wagyu
■ XO sauce fried rice
■ Fruit dessert

7. Deluxe Package / Unlimited drinks for 2 hours
■ 7 kinds of appetizers
■ Roasted pig and Guangdong duck
■ Palace medicine shark's fin soup
■ oyster sauce abalone
■ 3 kinds of fried dishes
■ Teppanyaki wagyu
■ Premium steamed fish with special sauce
■ Dried scallop seafood fried rice
■ Luxurious fruit and dessert

8. Wagyu shabu-shabu Buffet / unlimited drinks 2 hours
Domestic beef and pork can be enjoyed
■ Special domestic beef
■ Pork
■ Special domestic beef shabu-shabu
■ Special domestic beef shoulder roast
■ Domestic pork loin

9. Japanese black cattle and wagyu shabu-shabu / unlimited drinks 2 hours
Japanese black cattle and pork
■ Selected wagyu
■ Pork
■ Japanese black cattle shabu-shabu
■ Japanese black cattle shoulder grilled
■ Domestic pork loin

10. Kobe beef shabu-shabu buffet / unlimited drink 2 hours
Meat, taste, flavor
■ Kobe beef shoulder grilled
■ Domestic pork loin
■ Kobe beef shabu-shabu
■ Kobe beef shoulder grilled
■ Domestic pork loin