Montrak (Jeju)
Country Jeju, Korea
Venue 20, Imhang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea
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About Us
"Is it really Jeju pig?"
There are many customers who have such doubts.

I think that the most important value of the food industry is honesty and sincerity.
Obtained 'Jeju Pork Sales Certification Authority' (certification granted to 100% Jeju Pork restaurant only) We are growing into a premium Jeju Fork brand that customers can trust and find. Recipes of sauces do not use ready-made products Apple, and pear, and vegetables such as onions and carrots are made and used directly. Unlike other Kikutoshi houses, it offers asparagus, a high-priced vegetable, and the high-calorie vegetable gyarumi has a good compatibility with meat. Jeju Montrock is the whole thing with the best ingredients. "The right ingredients are all about cooking." "The most basic must be followed to ensure a delicious and enjoyable dining table." This is the promise of our customers and Jeju Mont Rock.

Opening Hours
Everyday: 1130 - 2300
* Open throughout the year.

How to Use
You can use mobile or printed voucher when you use restaurant.
Please note that the voucher is only available for specified times and dates.

If you would like to change your reservation time and date, please contact us through the Contact Center.

1. Additional on-site orders will be paid by the guest.
2. Please make sure to reserve one hour before the closing time.
3. NO cancellation is allowed after the booking is approved or confirmed. Only pending bookings can be cancelled.
4. Depending on how quickly the merchant gets to us, it will take 72 hours to approve or cancel the booking.

4 People Set

Ogyeobsal Meat (180g) + Teugmogsal Meat (180g) + Tong-Galbi (300g) + Galmaegi Meat (130g) + Gabeuli Meat (130g) + Hangjeong Meat (130g) + Meal (Rice or Cold Noodle)
3 People Set

Ogyeobsal Meat (340g) + Teugmogsal Meat (160g) + Tong-Galbi (280g) + Meal (Rice or Cold Noodle)
2 People Set

Ogyeobsal Meat (160g) + Teugmogsal (160g) + Tong-Galbi (280g) + Meal (Rice or Cold Noodle)